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Alfred Schwarzschild Sketches & Doodles
Alfred's wife Theodora Daughter Bettina Self Portrait
Self portrait Victory self portrait For Alfred's sister Clara
Alfred's wife Theodora at the piano Alfred's Brother Herman and his wife Erna with daughter Miriam  outside the Schwarzschild residence in Frankfurt. "Thea - morning gymnastics"
Tuggall, Beaconsfield
Home of the Younghusbands
1937 sketch in the diary of Mrs Ethel Younghusband  
Daughter Luise & friends
at Oxford University
  Theodora plays while daughters
Luise & Theo sing. 1942
Poem for daughter Luise
Alfred's niece Lotte Emden Nieces Lotte & Emma Emden Drawing for brother Otto
 The Emdens, Alfred's sister's family   Baby Squirrel for daughter Theo
Charles Kentish, a neighbour in London during the 1940's    
Alfred was always drawing and seldom seen without a pencil and paper. Here are some of his working sketches: