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Alfred Schwarzschild Paintings

Unfortunately, many of these images are low resolution or monochrome but they are all we have. If you can provide better quality images of these, or any other work by Alfred Schwarzschild or perhaps further details of the paintings listed here, then we would be very pleased to hear from you. email
Alfred's daughter Theo
The Drunkards c.1900 Oil on card. 26 x 31cms Dans La Mansarde (In the Lofts) 1903
Salon de la Societe Nationale
des Beaux-Arts

Oil on canvas 31.5 x 35.4in.
Many thanks to Anette in Germany for sending us this colour photograph of her painting. Now restored and looking fabulous!
A Hard Day's Work 1902
22" x 36"
Grandmother's story Icarus Fallen. 1920
Oil on canvas, 30 x 53 in.
The Poet & The Muse (1925)
Oil on canvas. 81.5 x 129.5 cm
1920's commission for
paintings of the Oktoberfest.
Sold as postcards.
1920's commission for
 paintings of the Oktoberfest.
Sold as postcards.
1920's commission for
paintings of the Oktoberfest.
Sold as postcards.
Oktoberfest 1928 Hofbräuhaus (The Royal Beer hall) Munich 1930's
Home from the fair 1902 Oil painting 120cm x 146cm Thanks to David Friedman for sending us this photo of his magnificent oil painting.
Harvest Time 1932 1934     51 x 36 cms 50 x 38 cms
73 x 59cms 1921 36 x 26 cms Toddler at the bookshelf (most likely Alfred's daughter Theo), oil on cardboard, 31.5 x 20cm 1933
Bachantin (Satyr) Painter Alfred N. Oppenheim (1873 - 1953) in old German costume. Many thanks to www.staedelmuseum.de Appletree
The Three Graces A young wife preparing her
husband for a journey.
1930. Oil on canvas
48 x 36.75in.
Venus & Cupid 1933
(courtesy of www.artprice.com )
Mother with her child. 1922
Oil on canvas
31.5 x 31.5in.
The Mushroom Carrier
Girl with flowers. 1931
Oil on canvas
20.5 x 20.5in.
Angel Hercules 1909
Oil on canvas
78.7 x 90.6in.
Deutsche Apocalypse   Youth & Age 1929
Oil on canvas 23.5 x 23.5in.
Children with flower garlands. 1902
Oil on canvas
37.8 x 50in.
The Sweetest Nectar "Paradise" 1919
(Several prints are known to exist of this painting)
Three men with dog. 1909
Oil on canvas  47.2 x 57.3in.
Dante & Virgil in Hell 1929
Oil on paper
31.1 x 41.9in.
Blue Tits & Vegetables 1946
The Centre Of Attention 1902.
Oil on canvas
28.7 x 60.2in.
Available as an art print from allposters.co.uk
Sudwind (or the end of summer) 1903
Oil on canvas
84 x 37.5in.
Sklavenzug vor einer Felsenwand
(slave train). 1922
Oil on canvas
19.7 x 44.5in.
Unusual painting found on artprice.com attributed to Alfred Schwarzschild Allegorie Der Caritas (charity)
1909  München 210 x 160 cm
Many thanks to Heinz in Berlin for sending us this photo of his painting
Übermut (High Spirits) 1907
A print, possibly from the magazine
Über Land und Meer
Young mother with her child. 1930
Oil on canvas
39.8 x 24.4in.
Reclining female nude in
an alpine meadow 1924

Oil on board
24.5 x 34in
Naked ladies at the ball game
Oil on wood

14 x 23.2in.
Mozart Sonata
Diana Goddess of Hunting Daumier Munich 1930's
    Still Life
Thanks to Eva Altmann,
daughter of Dr Manfred Altmann, Alfred's friend & doctor in London
Young woman with black hair
37 x 30 cms Hampstead Heath, London 1937
Girl and Robin   Artist Uta von Weech on the balcony, Frankfurt 1920
Aeneas flees with his blind father and other Trojans from the ruins of Troy
1924 oil on canvas 85 x 76 cm
Wedding Procession
(by courtesy of the Thornton family)
Allegory of old & young
  On the Ruins of Carthage
195cm x 125cm
Courtesy of Fritz Kampinga
The top picture is a preliminary sketch for the painting photographed below
1935 oil on board. 39 x 37cm (courtesy of www.artprice.com )  
Two very different companions Allegorical Scene. 1919
Oil on canvas
Faun & Nymphe
Oil on canvas. 1934. 24 x 39.5"
Fairytale After the mountaineering trip
Written beneath " Laurence" and "St Paul USA," a probable reference to the original purchaser. Possibly Laurence Hodgson, journalist, poet and politician
Mural painted around a door frame Adam & Eve  
The Strange Saint   Midday
Daedalus, Icarus & Nymph   Night
Creation of heavenly light Bathtime Barbarossa
Dante & Beatrice
Written beneath " Minister Schweyer" a probable reference to the original purchaser. Possibly Dr Schweyer, Bavarian Minister Of The Interior
Still Life
Apostel Flora The hand of fate
The Good Mood Spring Goodness Medea
  The Freeing Of Carten Messenger From The Land Of Plenty
A Merry Flight To Heaven
Written beneath " Anschutz-Kampfe" and "Kiel," a probable reference to the original purchaser. Possibly German scientist Hermann Anshutz-Kaempfe
Moses Table Decorate Yourself With Goodies (Fairy Tale)
The Masked Ball Of Life Two Small Boys Children Playing
Decoration for a Music Room More Decoration for a Music Room A Witched Brew
The Young Knight Plunderers Three Faces of an Actress
Comfortable Mother & Child Eris - the Greek Goddess
of Strife & Discord
Übermut (High Spirits) Medal winning painting in the 1901 art exhibition at the Glaspalast, Munich. The Bringer of Love Three Wanderers
Samson & Delilah Samson Samson
Samson & Delilah Samson Saul & David
A Glance of Light Tragic Muse In Front of a Show Booth
    Solace in Sorrow
  Evening Star Diana Goddess of Hunting
Man and Papers The Trial of Salome After the Mountaineering Trip
  The Bowl Carriers  
    Circe and the Fishermen
  WW1 scene 1915 Regency Banquet
Alfred's last painting
Aesop The Working Hand Christmas Eve
Proserpine (Persephone)
Thanks to Karl Ebensberger for sending us this photo of his painting. It is hanging in his home, originally a gift to his mother when she was young.
    Death & The Maiden
Spring Wind 1912 from the German magazine Reclams Universum At the window
Preliminary Paintings
  20 x 24 cms (by courtesy of the Thornton family)
31 x 21 cms 31 x 25 cms Descent into hell 57 x 42 cms
Greed 8 x 6 inches 27 x 19 cms The Invalid 11 x 15 cms
8 x 6 inches
(painted on the back of "Greed")
from Bettina's estate (Alfred's daughter)  
The following paintings were recently inherited byAlfred's granddaughter Erica . They are fairly samll, unframed and mainly on cardboard as they were painted around the time of the second world war when artists materials were in short supply. They have rarely seen the light of day in 70 years.
  Nightmare Science & Stupidity
African Art Lecture At The Sick Bed (1948)  
Ballet Studies  
    The Kind Fairy
    Alfred sitting with arms crossed while others salute Hitler
Visiting The Sick (1942)   Mind & Clouds (1948)