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lfred Schwarzschild Paintings
of (of, and for) Family Members

Alfred painted portraits of members of his family and also used them as models.  
More sketches of family can be found here

Unfortunately, many of these images are low resolution or monochrome but they are all we have. If you can provide better quality images of these, or any other work by Alfred Schwarzschild or perhaps further details of the paintings listed here, then we would be very pleased to hear from you. email

Self portrait  
26 x 23.5 cms Alfred's family arrive in England from Germany in 1938 Self portrait with wife
Theodora and daughters
Luise, Bettina
& Theodora
Alfred's wife Theodora Theo (Alfred's daughter) at the allotments. London 1943 Alfred & family, Fordington Rd, Highgate, 1939 soon after arriving in London
Alfred's daughter
Alfred's daughter
Alfred's daughter
Beethoven frowns
as Theo plays
Henriette Sabel (Alfred's Mother)
Alfred's wife Theodora dreaming
 of being a great pianist, instead of preparing the meal
Alfred was given a season ticket to London Zoo so he could sketch the animals Theodoras wife & daughter
at the piano
Alfred and his brothers
Daughter Bettina, London 1945 Alfred's three daughters Theodora plays
while Bettina dances
Posthumous painting of brother Karl
(by courtesy of the Thornton family)
Alfred, Thea & the
Emden (his sister's) family
Sparky (1942)
1928 portrait of Johanna Luise Berchtold-Emden, (Annelies) Alfred's niece, aged 13 Martin Schwarzschild We do not know who this is but assume a relation as the painting has always been in the family's possesion.
(by courtesy of the Thornton family)
Klara (Alfred's sister) Alfred's father Moses Alfred's father Moses
Klara (Alfred's neice) Klara (Alfred's sister) Antonia (Toni) Flach,
granddaughter of
Klara Emden-Schwarzschild
1919 portrait of Alfred's nephew Hans (Peter Black) Emma Emden aged 12
painted by her Uncle Alfred.
Oil on board, 36.5 x 50.5 cm
Mother Henriette Otilie (nee Sabel)
with baby Miriam
Alfred's Aunt Edith Sabel Alfred's Uncle Fritz Sabel Charlotte (Lotte) Alfred's niece
Picking on the odd one out   The humble, but valuable potato
on blue silk
Theodora at the piano A quick sketch of daughter
Theo looking pensive
London during the blitz
The Black Shield
- Daughter Theo's bookplate.
"Stubborn as a goat, prickly as a wild rose  but with the voice of an angel"
Alfred's brother Robert's wife
Else with Hans & Paul
V.E. Day
St.Martin's in the Fields, London
Glove Alfred's daughter Luise  
Alfred & family in the cornfield Alfred's daughter Theo Preliminary painting of
Alfred's daughter Bettina
Moses Martin (Alfred's father) This sketch of mother & 3 children is on the rear of the portrait (left) of Annelies