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Alfred Schwarzschild Cards     0 - 99
Alfred created hundreds of cards to send to friends & family
Alfred was in the German Flying Corps during World War 1 as an observer, taking photographs and making sketches of enemy positions Dear Hans. I wish you Happy Holidays .. Your Uncle Alfred. Drawing for brother Otto
"Uncle Alfred"   1938 card to Mrs & Miss Younghusband announcing the family's escape from the Nazi crocodile
1940 New Year card to Sir Francis Younghusband, British army officer, explorer and spiritual writer. 1941 New Year card to Sir Francis Younghusband 1942 New Year card to Sir Francis Younghusband
1904 card

Drawing for his brother Karl Schwarzschild, on the birth of Martin.


1915 card
1922 card to Lottie & Richard Makeower 1940 card 1944 card (self portrait)
1915 card 1939 card
"I wish I could"
1942 card
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