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Alfred Schwarzschild Portrait Paintings

Many of Alfred's paintings were commissioned portraits.

Unfortunately, many of these images are low resolution or monochrome but they are all we have. If you can provide better quality images of these, or any other work by Alfred Schwarzschild or perhaps further details of the paintings listed here, then we would be very pleased to hear from you.    email
Self portrait  
Michael Angelo Sir Winston Churchill
in the Blitz
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Owned by the
Beethoven Haus in Bonn
Eva Altmann
Daughter of Dr Manfred Altmann, Alfred's friend & doctor in London
Gitrud Werlein 1908
    Portrait Of A Lady
Inscribed & dated, "A.S.Mchn 1908"
Oil on panel 20 x 14in.
Hedwig Steeger Mr Kohler Hilde Hagen
Mrs Heineman Mrs D R Sichel (1931)
This portrait has recently been discovered in Argentina. Many thanks to Rodolfo Vazquez
Miss Schmid
Mr Baer Portrait of a Polish Lady  
Frieda Maak Dr Wolf (Musician) Mrs Wymer
Nora Fried   Herr Marberg
  Mr Bach Mrs Bach
The children of Henry Lust Mrs Merzbach Miss Brunk
Lotte Steibel Nora Steibel Miss Horner
  Miss Bossl  
Ethel Younghusband Gwendolin Younghusband